Ivan by Stagor55

A pencil drawing by stagor55!

Also, have a sneak peek of some LIFELESS writing. Sorry for the [CLASSIFIED] tags, but I want to keep some things spoiler free!

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* * *

Ivan felt like he was suffocating in the double extra-large shirt. If he took too deep a breath, the shirt would threaten to rip apart. “Are you certain this vas largest size?” he asked Scowl as he followed him up the escalator.

Scowl fixed him with a level stare. “Don’t bitch, pussycat, and yes that was the largest size. So [CLASSIFIED] wants us to find [CLASSIFIED] because he wants to save Mommy Dearest from giving her [CLASSIFIED] immortality.”

“I kind of hope it does give it immortality,” Brent said quietly. He looked miserable and unhappy, as if he’d come down with the flu. He even started to develop a cough.

Ivan’s worry evaporated once they reached the top of the escalator and saw what Scowl had found.

In front of a large desk marked CONCIERGE was a glass display. Inside of the display was a [CLASSIFIED].

“This is too easy,” Ivan said. “This cannot be [CLASSIFIED].”