Well now, that was close. I thought I’d lost a bunch of patrons. Turns out it was an error, and now we’ve hit the 500 dollar milestone.


Free novels and novellas for EVERYONE on my patreon, and I’ll announce the title of the new webcomic soon.

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Patreon Update for November 2014

Currently we’re at 467 dollars–only a mere 33 bucks away from the 500 dollar goal, and thus, a new webcomic so steamy it’ll make Profiles read like Carpe Diem. Seriously, guys and gals, I made sure this was going to have plenty of sexual activities and penises for everyone.

To show you all my appreciation, I’m going to release a sneak peek for everyone in a few hours. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving for the US, I figured it’d be a good way to show how thankful I am to you all. I’m also going to give away something on Smashwords, but I won’t do that until tomorrow proper.

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Patreon Promo - Addison by Anonymous

Patreon Pimpage: Addison Beaufort

Meet Addison, a very tall king cheetah who is cynical, bitter, and sarcastic.

And those might just be his good qualities…

The artist who drew this wishes to remain anonymous, but we can all guess who drew it. You might be wrong, though you might not be.

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Patreon Promo - Kyle by Amwuffy

Patreon Pimpage: Kyle Everwood

Meet Kyle. He’s a collie and he’s a wee bit of a horn dog. As in, he’ll hump any guy at least once.

The art is by Amwulf and next week we meet the last of our main cast.

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INSIGNIFICANT: A new short story on Smashwords

INSIGNIFICANT, a new short story by Yours Truly with art by Kazushi on FA. It’s on Smashwords for the low, low price of FREE.


Coming in December: The Gryphon’s Goal

Larry has two problems. The first is that he’s gay – and very much in the closet. The second is an unfortunate bully problem.

When a football player comes to help Larry with the latter, could he also be the solution to the former?

THE GRYPHON’S GOAL, my fourth novella, features a gryphon set in a modern day mythological age where creatures, gods, and everything in between live alongside humanity.

It’ll be available on Smashwords on December 7th, and you can preorder it right now at

Want the print version? It’ll be available at Further Confusion in January at my table!

Cover art by the exquisite Spelunker Sal!

Patreon Promo - Gary by RyuuMajin

Patreon Pimpage: Gary Seymoure

Meet Gary. He’s a ringtail lemur who likes to play basketball. He also might like a certain red panda! The art is by Ryuumajin and if you want to see the full colored version, why not be a patron?

Next week, we meet the personal trainer of a certain red panda.